1. What is Bazaar?

Bazaar is a gateway for matching supply and demand, to help and streamline initiation of collaboration for research, development and innovation. Bazaar’s core consists of supply and demand, such as prefixed learning modules and programs, experts (supply) and calls for R&D project partners, thesis workers etc. (demand), and of course, the people.

2. Why Bazaar?

The main purpose is to enable platform-based value creation within the ecosystem of innovation, research and learning, and to ease the collaboration formation between the Tampere universities community and the surrounding society and work life, including the alumni. Bazaar gathers validated and relevant supply and demand by the ecosystem to pursue this purpose.  

3. Who owns, operates and administrates Bazaar?

Tampere universities community, which consists of Tampere University & Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

4. Who can use Bazaar?

Registered Bazaar users and community members. Registered members can browse through the available supply and demand and apply for a given course, project, challenge etc., and browse through other users´ profiles (see question and answer 11). Some users have an extended Bazaar-role, which enables them to publish new supply/demand in the Bazaar marketplace. The roles are admitted based on an agreement with Bazaar administration (see question and answer nr. 11). Unregistered users can browse through limited parts of the published content but have no access to any core functionalities.

5. To whom is the Bazaar supply and demand addressed at?

In general, at any registered Bazaar user (Bazaar community member): individuals and organizations of the different sectors and industries with interests in collaboration in competence development & RDI. However, some parts of the supply and demand may be specifically addressed at a certain user group and thus not accessible and visible to all the users.  

6. Why should I, as a degree student of Tampere University or Tampere University of Applied Sciences, register as a Bazaar community member?

By registering as Bazaar user and community member, you will get access to ever growing opportunities to build your competences in non-traditional settings via such as R&D projects or innovation challenges provided by the partner organizations. You can also find interesting thesis project proposals provided by the partner organizations. By becoming a member, you will have the opportunity to connect with other members of Bazaar community who have chosen to publish their profiles.  

7. Why should I, as a Tampere University or Tampere University of Applied Sciences  alumni, register as a Bazaar community member?

We truly want to push the traditional boundaries regarding our alumni relationships with Bazaar and acknowledge our alumni as a critical group of people in terms of creating a community of exchange and collaboration. As an alumni you will have access to exclusive supply and demand specifically addressed at our alumni and in align with your personal interests, and a wide array of other collaboration opportunities. If you also represent an organization, you will get access to a variety of organizational collaboration opportunities as well. In your personal profile, you can also opt in to express your willingness to share your expertise via such as visiting lectures and/or mentoring.

8. Why should I, as a teacher and/or researcher at Tampere universities community, register as a Bazaar community member?

To get access to interesting and ever growing supply of and demand for collaboration opportunities and to connect with other Bazaar community members. For example, for such purposes as collaborating with our renowned alumni within your courses and/or engaging with new research and innovation project initiatives.  

9. Why should I, as an expert in work life with no previous connections to Tampere universities community, register as a Bazaar community member?

It does not matter if you are not Tampere University community alumni, degree student or staff member, you and your organization, if you present one, will get access to ever growing supply of and demand for competence development and other relevant collaboration opportunities.

10. How to register to Bazaar?

Click the 'Log in' link in the main menu. The registration process asks you to fill in information about yourself. In order to utilize the full potential of Bazaar, it is advised to fill in all the proposed fields and opt in for publishing your personal profile.  

11. What does it mean to opt in for publishing personal profile?

When choosing to publish your personal profile, the profile will be visible to other registered users who are browsing through the user base. However, filling in all the proposed fields is not required in order to publish your profile. You can fill in only the minimum required fields and still publish your profile.

12. If I want publishing rights, whom should I contact?

At this point, as we are in MVP phase with the development, you can contact Bazaar-admin group via bazaar-support@tuni.fi. After we have received your email, we will contact you for further details.

13. Does Bazaar include learning and project management system functionalities, or other functionalities for productive work?

No, the actual conduct, such as studying and project work, takes place elsewhere and via other digital tools (see also question and answer nr. 1).  

14. Is the current Bazaar version a finalized product?

No, this version of Bazaar is the minimum viable product (MVP) with some core functionalities implemented to enable actual use and validation. Bazaar development and improvement will continue in the long run. We will publish information of the upcoming features on Bazaar front page.

15. How can I give feedback about Bazaar?

Click the link 'Give feedback'. This opens a section where you can share your thoughts and ideas for improving Bazaar. Thank you for your valuable input! All the feedback is processed confidentially.

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